what’s a trashogram?

So you want to know what a trashogram is, right?  It’s a digital photogram, or also known as a scanogram, of trash society related themes.  Here’s the history and art lesson.

Photograms: Made popular by Man Ray, this non-camera photographic process uses a juxtaposition of objects placed on photographic paper to create an image.  The transparency and movement of the objects create the image.  Here’s one I made a few years ago titled coffee addict.

I would love to still be making these, but I don’t have a darkroom.

Scanograms (digital photograms): These are the modern version of photograms where objects are placed on a flat bed scanner.  Why do this versus just taking a digital photo?  There’s a few reasons…

  1. One, it’s just a different creative art form that produces different results.  It can give the illusion of floating objects.
  2. Two, it makes you find and use 3D objects, while working in a confined space.
  3. Three, it makes you look at objects in a new and different way.  We’re using things that would normally be in the trash or things that are laying around the house.

Trashograms: The process of scanograms and the trash society challenge, combined to create interest and look at ‘stuff‘ in a different and fun way.  Here’s the first one…

This is made from stuff we’ve been saving in our “art drawer“, a place where we put junk we find or collect.

Check out some scanograms on flickr.

Look at the trashograms on flickr.  New trashograms will be added weekly.

Have you ever made a trashogram? If so, email it to me and I’ll post it on the blog.  🙂

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