downsizing my girlie stuff [day 242]

As I stated a few days ago, I’m behind on my 2-per-week goal of creating trashograms.  Although these are fun to make, I’m finding other opportunities that have much more impact in the trash society world.  I have a few trashograms to share, then some news to share.


I don’t wear a lot of makeup, as a matter of fact, most would say I don’t wear any.  I do wear a little bit of eye shadow and sometimes lipstick.  (I cringe as I say these things)  I’m not opposed to makeup or people that wear makeup, as it’s a personal choice.  My reasons for not liking it is it takes way to long to put on and I prefer to stay low maintenance.  I also hate the way my face feels with all that paint clogging my pores.  I had horrible skin that used to breakout all the time.  I stopped makeup foundation and about 98% of it cleared up.  Anyway, this is makeup that I’ve had a long time, most of it I was talked into buying.  I downsized my makeup by approximately 75%.

I gave this to a couple of pre-teen girls to use for playtime.  I don’t like to play dress up. 

Nail Polish

I had lots of nail polish too.  I don’t mind using this stuff on my toes in the summer, and I have 2 colors I like, so I kept those.  The rest?  Gave it to the girls.  I downsized my nail polish by about 80%.


I have a lot of this and I never wear it.  I don’t even know where half of it came from, but I do know I’ve had it for years.  This tangled mess of metal is just more clutter I don’t need.  I downsized my jewelry by about 80%.

Okay, enough of the girlie stuff, here’s some trash society news.  I’ll still keep doing trashograms when I see a good opportunity for one, however I will not be doing the 2 per week any longer.  I’ve found that there’s much more value in experimentation and cost analysis projects, so that will be a new direction.  There’s also some exciting changes coming soon on the trash society blog.  I’m working on a bit of a redesign to make the blog more functional.  If there’s anything you would like to see on here, please let me know.  🙂

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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3 Responses to downsizing my girlie stuff [day 242]

  1. Rhynnie says:

    Dude, there was some wicked cool jewelry in there!

  2. Rhynnie says:

    Awesome! Also, I’ve been poking around with my blog again. Nothing major, just posted a poem I wrote. Contemplating writing something else.

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