what are you getting your kids for Christmas if you can’t retail shop? [day 204]

I’ve been asked a lot, “…what are you getting your kids for Christmas if you can’t shop?”  Here’s the answer you’ve all been waiting for.  I can shop, it just has to be pre-owned things, so here’s the plan.

Half Price Books. I got my kids each a gift card for $10 from Half Price Books.  They have a lot of used books to choose from, although I do allow my kids to retail shop, but only with their own money.  They love used books as much as I do.

Right after making this purchase, we got the Angel Tree list from each of their classes at school.  We always participate, but this year, we can’t buy the things on the list.  Instead of buying things on the list, I gave the cards I bought for the kids, then replaced them a week later.  Hopefully the cards might encourage the love of reading and buying things used.

Game Stop. Game Stop also carries used items, game systems, video games and accessories.  My kids both have a Nintendo DS and and an old Gameboy.  They together have an old Xbox and a Wii.  The great thing is that they enjoy the old gaming systems as much as the newer ones.  As a matter of fact, one of my friends saw my son playing with his old, beat up Gameboy and offered to give him a DS he wasn’t using.  I, of course, explained that he has one.  My kids are not technology deprived.  I don’t buy the best and newest stuff, I encourage them to use what they have.  I bought each of them gift cards with $20 on them.

Thrift store. I bought them some clothes at the thrift store.  They know their clothes come from there, and that’s the norm in our family.  This might sem a bit odd.  It’s not that I want them to not experience Christmas like their friends do, but I want them to hopefully think of it a little differently than what they learn in our culture.  Besides, they’re boys and they could care less about clothes, as long as they have some to wear.  The younger one is a little bit picky, but overall, they’re pretty easy in that department.  I got jeans, t-shirts and pajama bottoms.  I also found a camo water bottle and a school planner, both of which the kids asked for.  I also found a few cool books for them too.  Oh yeah, I also bought myself a robe.  See?  Even I’ve been culturally trained that I must have a gift under the tree.

amazon.com. There’s some specific books they both wanted, so we went online, found them used and ordered them.  Yes, they know what they’re getting, but that’s how we roll.  We don’t wrap anything either, we stick it under the tree in the box or envelope it was shipped in.  It’s more economical and environmentally friendly.

I posted a Santa Claus flashback from my blog last year and added a little bit to it this year.  It addresses some of the questions about gifts, Santa and kids, questions that most of us ponder when Christmas planning.

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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1 Response to what are you getting your kids for Christmas if you can’t retail shop? [day 204]

  1. Hyacinth Girl says:

    Good for you! I look up to you girl! Unfortuantely I’m just another sucker who has intentionally and willingly fallen into what culture says it ought to be like. HOWEVER…I have done oh so much better these last two years.

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