I’ve saved a lot of money, but that wasn’t why I did it [day 201]

I’m speaking tonight at Preston Trail Community Church, in the Financial Peace University class, about the “no retail” shopping challenge.  I didn’t start this to save money, but it did turn out to be a nice benefit.  Here’s a recap of the posts from the last 200 days that have to do with saving money and thinking differently.  Enjoy & save!!

Basic & small money saving tips

A money lesson from Barbie. [day 198] – You can learn a lot for a dummy, I mean a Barbie.  This has tips on teaching your kids about money, and even though it’s Barbie, it’s good for boys or girls.

Saving electricity [day 191] – It’s a small thing, but these add up, as my last utility bill was $52.01 on a 100% renewable energy plan, 1,780 square foot house with huge vaulted ceilings and 16 year old appliances.

White elephant gifts [trashogram] – Give it away or trade it.

Junk drawer [trashogram] – You know there’s money there and also in your couch cushions.  It’s not collecting interest, that’s dust.

Made in China [day 176] – Know the difference between cheap and frugal.

To buy or not to buy? [day 167] – Kids spending money and get a small loan, because your going to the movies and buying popcorn.

Ask the chickens [day 162] – Expiration dates and tips on not being wasteful.

Fine!  Dress me up like a fairy princess! [day 161] – Tips on thrift store clothing shopping.

Shopping tips [day 160] – We’ve been subconsciously trained by little yellow tags.  Buyer beware. 

I was Targeted [day 154] – Holiday junk.  Do you need it?

Shopping at the mall [day 152] – Funny products and shopping tips.

Who is Lee M. Cardholder [day 149] – Credit and debt has a Facebook identity.

Are you a woman or a metro-sexual man? [day 147] – You don’t need a new outfit.

Challenging the challenge [day 144] – A retail store experience and avoiding impulse buys.

Waiting pays off [day 132] – Thrift store shopping, how to find what you’re looking for.

Slurpeevader [day 122] – Holiday fun without financially supporting the retail economy.

I have that color [day 116] – Using what you have without buying new stuff.

Flashback [day 106] – I spend money more like a man than a woman…

Lessons learned 1/4 way into the challenge. [day 91] – Many lessons.

No shopping for a kid’s perspective [day 51] – They have more money too.

Good buy, bad buy [day 44] – A $5 short story.

Odd impulse buys [day 29] – How to keep your kids from making impulse buys.

Uh-oh, birthday party [day 11] – Need a birthday gift?

Borrowing & community [day 8] – Borrowing instead of buying.

Moderate money saving tips

Got broken stuff? [day 196] – If you do, can you repurpose it or fix it?  This will get you thinking about that thing you have sitting around that you keep meaning to fix.

Stocking stuffers [day 189] – When shopping this year for stocking stuffers and small gifts, here’s a few things to think about.

Read the fine print [day 188] – There’s a reason fine print exists, it’s a good ideas to read it.  You wouldn’t believe this stuff from black friday.  One store actually is selling used parts in new stuff.

Play with your toys, or someone else’s [day 179] – Not using something?  Trade stuff with people you know.  It’s like getting new stuff for free.  This also has my financial history… and it’s not pretty!

Buying shoes [day 142] – Buying shoes, retail or thrift?

Gee, that will look great in my garage [day 140] – Stop impulse shopping and retail therapy.

Ounce for ounce, drugs might be cheaper [day 130] – Kids birthday parties and gifts.

I bought a bunch of stuff [day 127] – More thrift store shopping tips.

Bad design. [day 126] – Information on buying off-brands.  Is it good or bad?  Does it save money?

How did I not know about this? [day 124] – What costly things are hiding in your house?

iPad or Xbox? [day 119] – Good shopping habits for young kids.

Second Hand [day 107] – Second hand stores.

Insomnia. Infomercials. Insanity [day 104] – Late night money savings.

Online shopping [day 101] – Online shopping tips.

You can’t eat all that! [day 97] – Tips on eating out, getting more for your money.

What is it? [day 78] – Do you want it it or need it?

Back to school [day 58] – No retail shopping school supplies.

Boutiques [day 43] – Do your cost analysis homework.

An eyePEACE for free [short story] – Making something versus buying it.

Talking about it works! [day 24] – Kids will learn, and here’s an example.

High dollar money saving tips

To Infiniti and beyond! [day 175] – A cost analysis on how your old car is saving you money, even if you need repairs.

Insurance and a Dumas [day 172] – 911!  Do you have the proper insurance to cover your emergency?  Also a little story about Dumas, the icon of stuff you don’t need.

Oil leak [day 171] – Should you fix it?  You may not need to…

I saved $53,000 in 20 minutes [day 137] – See how… 5 other people saved a lot of money after reading this.  Don’t worry, there’s no fine print.  😉

what is that smell? [day 102] – Everything pictured was less than $4.

Sign of the times [day 92] – Living within your means.

Green and clean [day 77] – Choosing a power provider.

Homegrown [day 59] – Grow your own food.  Yes, even in Frisco in our tiny yards.

Should you buy new, used or not at all? [day 33] – A great guide for buying anything you want or need, new or used, or maybe not at all.

$4 until payday [day 26, 27 & 28] – What do you do?

Is it coffee or an investment? [iembracechaos.com] – This is a cost analysis I did a while back on my other blog.  If you like coffee, this is a must read.

Extreme (I’ll do pretty much anything) money saving tips

Dumpster diving.  [day 199] – Learn the basics about dumpster diving.  Where and when to do it and what you can find.  You will be amazed!

Black friday [day 185] – Black friday deals can be found any day of the year, if you’re willing to spend some research time.  This is a video of the chaos and some interesting observations from 4am until sunrise…

Dumpster diving tips, black friday style [day 170] – Black friday tips applied to a much better shopping source, dumpster diving.

Crazy?  Maybe. [day 136] – Inexpensive and fun home remodeling.  Swap stuff with your neighbors.

Pulling food out of the trash [day 120] – Yes, that’s what I said.  I ate it too.  Also some good tips on leftovers.

What is nobody bought new stuff? [day 56] – Read about Awful Inevitable Radical Economy Deflation (AIRED)

Dumpster diving… at church [day 32] – Yep, I did and got something great!

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  1. Jim says:

    Enjoyed your talk! Your blog is amazing:)

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