helping the homeless stay warm [day 194]

Thanksgiving day, we brought many coats and blankets to Dallas to pass out to the homeless people living there, trying to stay warm.  Even though there was a lot of food, many said they had already eaten, as everyone gives out food on Thanksgiving.  They were there for the coats and blankets.  There’s a huge need, as there are thousands of homeless in Dallas.

If you’re in the Frisco area, we’ll be going again on December 18th.  Please give me any extra adult size coats and any extra blankets you have in your home and I’ll get them down to Dallas.  I will come pick them up at your house if you need me to.  Thanks to all who helped with this load.  It filled up the back of my car.  🙂

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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4 Responses to helping the homeless stay warm [day 194]

  1. tuggeyinfrisco says:

    I would love to help you and cut your time in running around town picking up coats and blankets. Don’t forget hats and gloves!!!

    We’ll coordinate 😀

  2. Niki Blake says:

    UGH……just gave some blankets to resale but will come up with something. What else can you use?

  3. embracechaos says:

    I’m going to The Samaritan Inn Monday, they need toiletries and food, specifically coffee and sandwich fixings. 🙂 Thanks!!

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