if you gotta go, you gotta go [day 193]

We’re at a restaurant and Joe comes back from the restroom, running toward the table, carrying a paper toilet seat cover.  He holds it up and says, “Mom, can you believe this?!  They have paper thing to put on the toilet seats.  How wasteful is that!”  There’s no genetic testing needed to know he’s my child.  

As for the toilet covers?  I’m not a fan of the paper waste.  Is there anyone out there that has not used a public toilet because they didn’t have a paper cover?  If you gotta go, you gotta go, right?  I guess the bigger question is this, if there’s no paper seat cover, do you use toilet paper instead?  Or if you have kids, do you carry around your own paper seat covers with cute little kiddie designs on them?  The kicker here, on the kiddie covers, is that they come individually wrapped in plastic.  No thanks, I’ll teach my kids to be environmentally friendly and not wasteful.

If you need it, use it, but don’t be wasteful.  🙂  Next subject?  Plungers: unclogging huge paper waste clogs…

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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