holiday trash-tweet tips from Excessable Christmas [flashback]

These are some fun, funny, odd and disturbing holiday tweets from last year, published in my book Excessable Christmas.  The book is still available for sale on Blurb.  Book details:

ISBN: yeah, not so much.  Self published and I’m not famous… yet.

Price: $26.95 + shipping.  From me, $26.00 and I’ll pay for the shipping. **All book proceeds go to Casa Hogar Elim**

Softcover: 120 full color pages (like I would ever do black and white)

Language: English, I think.

Book Dimensions: Square, I like squares, 7″ x 7″

Tweet Tips

SUPPORT SMALL BIZ: purchase gifts at local discount & hole-in-the-wall stores #shopsmart

look 4 ‘symmetrical hazy plastic people nativity scene with flying peanuts’ in ur area. #sillyyardart #fun

appreciate retail workers, be nice to them, retail sucks during the holidays #benice #putawayanitemoffthefloor

use fb for ur christmas card nxt yr. it’s the card that gives all yr long! #facebookrocks #holidaysmadebyhallmark

there’s no $ in reindeer games. dasher & donner r unemployed. #reindeerjobs #recession

i hope santa delivers basic necessities to those in need. #besanta #volunteer #helppeopleinneed #ursanta

pause in ur busyness and make a phone call 2 someone u haven’t talked to in a while. #justcall #uhaverolloverminutes

stop & talk with an impoverished person. buy them lunch & learn their story. meet tom: #listen

his sign said he was broke and hungry. aren’t we all? matt 22:37-40 #homeless #impoverished

the most important christmas icon of all is jesus, and I don’t mean the plastic one. @embracechaos  

”santa claus suit sales are up demonstrating that christmas spirit is recession proof” #consumeristchristmas #santaspirit #wwsd

kids will need therapy after seeing dead christmas stuff everywhere. #sillyyardart #deadsantas #christmasnightterrors

start the kids therapy fund, then they’ll be well adjusted enough to pay for their own college expenses #linwoodson

make christmas ur own self-expression, depicting what’s in ur heart, not what society is promoting. @embracechaos

how do we find these people in need and how can we help? #ffs #homeless #impoverished

CHALLENGE: christmas BOO! someone. read more @ #christmasboo! #santaghost

when my ADHD & OCD collide, that means events happen spontaneously, but everything is more than prepared for it. @embracechaos

HISTORY: st. nick gave generous gifts 2 the poor, esp to daughters of poor parents so they didn’t have 2 become prostitutes. #wikipedia

SECRET: i could never keep 1, told the whole kindergarten class that santa is not real. #5yroldbrat #startedchaos@anearlyage

if santa has resources 2 give us anything we want, then why doesn’t he help out with poverty? #ridpoverty

it’s time to go from believing in santa to being santa. @embracechaos #besanta

i was people watching and secretly snapped this, but I just can’t help myself. #backwardsanta

…kids and parents pulling out their electronic pacifiers to deal with the boredom… #oursociety #usaculture

CHALLENGE: spontaneously invite people somewhere on your FB & twitter status. #performanceart #seewhoshowsup@lastminute

i went inside to my warm, cozy house & was immediately overcome with sadness. @embracechaos #homeless

mall or maul? #tonychavez #ihatemalls #dontshopthischristmas

…i have no desire to give them a tv anymore… @embracechaos #theyhavesomethingwedont

i wish i had never been spoiled by all of the materialism & possessions of our american culture, because now I’m addicted. @embracechaos

…burdened with my knowledge, shackled with electronics and locked in a cell of selfishness and greed. @embracechaos

my favorite Bible verse, Romans 12:2.  it’s so applicable to christmas consumerism & might b a clue in finding the christmas spirit.

random acts of kindness: ppl don’t want 2 b boastful or prideful, but we need 2 get their stories told as an inspiration 4 others

reality cards: my kids r struggling in school, I lost my job & oh, btw, u can take his name off the card.  He doesn’t live here anymore.

who chose the jones family to represent our portrait of success? @embracechaos

aren’t ghosts just people spirits in 32% transparent bodies with a 78% vivid light outer glow? #photoshop @embracechaos

…a lady at church who accidentally door dinged my beat-up car. #greatwaytomeetpeople #godiscool

the 2009 christmas gift giving guide aka jody’s list. @embracechaos #jodyslist

CHALLENGE: if you are supporting thrift stores with your old stuff, please continue! #thirftstores #charity

judge a book by its cover. @embracechaos

at the risk of offending someone, I have found a whole new level of ridiculousness to gift giving. personalized wine bottle etching.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: what are your resources and how can you use them to help people?

A friend asked an interesting question: he asked, “would you still be blogging everyday if you were married?”

cultural chaos: result of masses of ppl coexisting on a planet, development of r interactions & outcome of r participation in society.

cultural chaos is not only having too many choices, but the expectation that we are to participate in all of them on some level., a radical & thought provoking publication, addressed the christmas chaos in one of their issues a few years ago. #readit

we choose chaos because it’s what we know and it’s comfortable, even if we don’t like it. @embracechaos

…the red push pin & the pulsing blue dot have finally come together.  For a brief moment, the purple cloud of excitement is overwhelming.

…and found a small package on my front porch. @embracechaos #whatwasinit?

…it’s the juxtaposition of an important birthday and our cultural creativity. #mergechristmas

we’re all quirky in our own ways and I’m simply pointing out that christmas exaggerates these peculiarities. @embracechaos

with my treasure chest of words, i can only hope 2 make a tiny impact in this large cultural crater. #changetheworld #trashsociety@christmas

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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2 Responses to holiday trash-tweet tips from Excessable Christmas [flashback]

  1. Christine says:

    Read this on Facebook post this morning: “HaHaHa, I have one of those blow up Christmas things for the yard but I have it in the family room and its a huge word JOY………the dog just peed on it! That’s funny! Guess she’s not feeling the Joy! HaHaHa”

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