to buy or not to buy [day 167]

I promised my kids a movie and a trip to Game Stop yesterday.  They had their own money to spend on games and I paid for the movie.  Interesting lessons learned:

New release days.

Yesterday was the release date for the Call of Duty: Black Ops game.  I had no idea about this until we got there and the line was out the door.

My kids wanted Pokemon games and replacement styluses, but they still had to wait in the long line.  To Game Stop’s credit, the line moved very quickly, showing they were prepared for this mass of people.  That did make it a little less painful.

I also liked the fact that they ask if we want a bag.  Both of my kids said no, proving that they do listen to me sometimes.

Maybe they listen too well?

My oldest was stressing out over spending $50 of his money.  He paced a hole in the concrete in front of the store, debating on whether or not to spend his money on a game that he wants.  This child rarely spends money, and quite honestly, could care less about it.

Hyperventilating, he went in the store and held the game.  When the guy asked him if he needed help, he proceeded to explain his dilemma of spending that much money on a game, asked questions about the game and basically gave the guy a lecture about their prices.  I just stood there, trying not to smile.

After reassuring him that he made a logical purchase and went through the proper process to spend his money wisely, he finally made the purchase.  On the way to the movie, he was truly upset that he spent $50.  As we got out of the car, he said, “…I can’t even spend money, I’m stressed out.  This is horrible!  I’m going to grow up and be a cheapskate, then I’ll have kids and they’re going to hate me!”  Oh, he’s so my child.  I guess I should tone it down a bit with him.

Time to get a loan?

I paid for the movie tickets and thought it would be nice for us to share a drink and some popcorn.  For one small drink and a medium popcorn, it was over $8, or I could get the bigger size for $12 something.  Seriously?  And they wonder why people bring in their own food and drinks?  How do these people sleep at night?  If a fancy restaurant like Morton’s or III Forks carried popcorn and soda, I’m quite sure it would be cheaper there than at the movies.  Is this not a form of price gouging?  If a store or a restaurant did this, would that be okay?  Would you spend this type of money on food anywhere else?

Painfully, I bought only the small popcorn for $5.75.  Like my son, I’m still irritated about it.  Did these movie people ever consider the fact that if they charge reasonable prices, they might sell more, aggravate less people and make the movie experience affordable to do more often?  Sigh…

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5 Responses to to buy or not to buy [day 167]

  1. Donna says:

    I can’t do the movie concessions. I get so stressed out at being robbed and standing by whilst they empty my wallet. This is where gallon ziplocks for your quicktrip slurpees, walgreens $1 movie candies and Orville at home save the day. Unless of course your husband is standing pouting cause e wants the “good” stuff. Hahahaha

  2. Ailsa says:

    From what I’ve heard, the concession stand is where the movie theaters make their money.

  3. Niki Blake says:

    My boys bought that game yesterday that everyone was standing in line for! 🙂 they are enjoying it so I think they thought it was well worth it. They both had been thinking about it and so split it between the two of them…..very wise. I paid hte tax so it would be an even split! 🙂 Hate to buy popcorn……sneak food in occasionally. I don’t think there are signs about it, so……. 🙂 Get you the socks soon! 🙂

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