sot barnslig is my new mascot [day 166]

Today, I am showcasing something Amy bought for me.  Now I don’t encourage buying anything from a retail store, but I have to say, this little guy is funny and I think he might be my new mascot for trash society.

!!??!?!???  Seriously?  I can understand one tag, but four?  Was the poor little guy constipated?  I decided to read the tags and do some research…  

His name is Sot Barnslig. Upon googling him, I found he has many relatives, but none with butts, exploding with paper tags.  The definition of Sot (in English) is a habitual drunkard.  Yes, I want my child to play with Sot.  Maybe the tags should be on the other end?  Yeah, gross.

He’s cool. According to the Bloomberg article, he’s one of the coolest toys under $50.

Polyester. In how many languages can you say ‘polyester’?  Ikea can say it in 31 languages, twice, because the filling and the outer shell must be listed separate, even though they’re the same material.

All new. He’s made from all new materials.  Good to know, I guess.  Have you seen anything in store made from used stuff?  Oh, the fun I could have with this.

Another tag. Highlighting the materials in English and French.  Okay…

Bar code. This is the only useful tag I’ve seen, and it has lots of extra space.

Double sided. Of course these are double sided print, even though there’s lots of unused space.

0+. Assuming this is the age, this little guy is tiny.  Altogether he’s probably 4 inches?  (without the tags, they are longer than his body)  Surprisingly, there’s no choking hazard warning.

Wash me! He has washing instructions.  Machine wash warm, don’t bleach, tumble dry, blah, blah, blah…  Don’t iron.  Don’t dry clean.  How many of you iron your kids stuffed toys or send them to the dry cleaners?

Does anyone want a Sot t-shirt?  I think I need one.

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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2 Responses to sot barnslig is my new mascot [day 166]

  1. Christine says:

    barnslig: childish (behaving immaturely) -Swedish adjectives
    I met Sot & didn’t realize he was “cool”…or foreign! Poor guy/dog/mascot/?

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