paperless. I need your junkmail. [day 155]

Let’s see… A trip to the grocery store, a quick stop at the thrift store and trying to fix my temperamental grill once again, not a huge shopping day.  My kids have outgrown most of their winter clothes so I needed to find some sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts for them.  I found 3 pieces of clothing and a thermos my son wanted for warm lunches.

I have been thinking a lot lately about paperless mail solutions.  Why?  Because I’m doing an awareness art project.  Also, because I tried to go paperless on all of my bills, and on some, that’s no easy task.  In my mind, paperless should be the default option, or at least an option.  I suppose the mail carrier doesn’t see it that way.

Give me your junk mail. Yes, my art project needs a lot of junk mail… in envelopes.  I don’t need flyers, postcards or newspapers, but I do need anything with envelopes.  Please help me and you will keep me from diving into my neighbors recycling bins.  (Carrie, that was for you)  🙂  More to come on the art project…


About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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1 Response to paperless. I need your junkmail. [day 155]

  1. sandhi says:

    I’ll take your other junk mail – I create art from postcards, flyers, catalogs, magazines, etc.

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