strings attached… [day 150]

I was paging through a girly magazine as I getting my hair done last week.  ‘Done’ meaning colored…  So this isn’t my normal choice of magazine, as I prefer art, life or business themes, however I thought I would look just to see what the hype is about.  I’m sure shopping in thrift stores doesn’t provide me with the current style trends I might need to know.

Strings attached… Now I love my friendship bracelets.  I have a few from my kids, some from friends, some made by the kids at Casa Hogar and one I found on the floor at the library.  I’ve had them on for months.  Mine are special because they were made by people I know, or the store bought ones (that probably cost less than $.25) given to me for s special reason.

Now I liked these pictured in the magazine, that was until I saw the price.  They range from $130 to $250.  Is that for all of them?  And enough for my friends?  The strings attached would be knowing that your friend gives you a piece of jewelry that costs as much as a small car payment.  Detaching strings…   

Self-fanner… I’m not sure why models wear stuff on the ‘runway’ that has no place in real life, unless you live in Hollywood and have a boatload of money.  For this specific advertisement, why anyone would want a dress with matching Daisy Duke style panties?  I might explain the look on her face.

Here’s my confusion.  Why is this out of reach stuff in magazines for middle class people, and what is the attraction to it?  If I buy a magazine, I want it for info I can use, not unattainable fantasy illustrations and knowledge.  This dress is priced ‘upon request’.  A. Where do you request that?  B.  Does anyone really do that?  I understand that I might just be the one woman that doesn’t get it.  I would need the fan after I faint when seeing the price tag on this dress.  Fan, off…

Steal… Okay, one of the skirts is listed for $19.  I don’t consider that a steal, but in the great world of retail, it isn’t a bad price.  The shoes, on the other hand, $129 up to $325?  Yes, that would be a steal because I would never pay that for a pair of shoes.  You have to wonder what the mark-up is on these.  Again, I don’t get it, so if someone does, please explain it to me.  You can keep it…

I like nice stuff, but I’m just not prepared to spend this kind on money.  Just for fun, I decided to pull out my 1974 copy of Vogue magazine.  (Yes, I’m aware of how odd that is)  Here’s a few ads and highlights from it.  In this particular magazine, the prices ranges from reasonable to the same painful pricing structure in current magazines.

American casual… Brand names and kind of pricey for 1974.

Welcome to our world… This is the lower priced world, the one with wool.  Looks nice and a color ad, but the clothing is cheaper?

Evening brilliance… Because she can use it as a blanket when she gets home and goes to bed?  I like the random bottle of makeup next to her.

You’ve come a long way baby… So smoke.  Your outfit will look groovy with a cigarette and it probably won’t have a chance to go out of style.

I guess this is just culture.  It has been and probably always will be, but that won’t stop me from rethinking our culture and maybe trying to change a very tiny portion of it.

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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2 Responses to strings attached… [day 150]

  1. Nancy says:

    I love this post and your thoughts! Very entertaining! Would be thought-provoking, but I agree with you!!

  2. tuggeyinfrisco says:

    Oooookayyy You…..he’ll never take the challenge..not that one…his head would explode. He will get rid of stuff, usually not HIS stuff….
    Hi, My name is Amy and my husband says I don’t recycle.

    Gah….the girl smoking is holding her hand way out there because she will go up in flames with that fabric if her cigarette touches it!

    Yep – read an article the other day in a moderately priced “women’s” magazine about INEXPENSIVE jeans that really fit and where to buy them….I think the cheapest pair was $95.00……double gah! (gah!)

    I’m off to use my green laundry soap! ~ Later!

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