“jodys”, my new line of shoes [day 142]

When I was image searching yesterday, I found this version of “Bobs”.  Now here’s a shoe that has a good reason to be called Bobs.  I wonder if Spongebob has a pair of these?  That would be no different than the CEO of Skechers, Robert Greenberg, wearing a pair of Bobs, right?  No, the shoes weren’t named after Bob the admin guy, they were named after a CEO.  Unless he donated some ridiculously large sum of money to a charity, I can’t think of any good reason why their shoes would be named after him.

Purchasing shoes.

Shoes are not cheap and they’re difficult to find used in thrift stores.  Some people have issues with buying used shoes from the hygiene perspective, however the biggest problem with this has proven to be orthopedic.  People break in their shoes with their foot shape and size and the shoes sculpt to their foot.   

The average pair of shoes in a thrift store sell for $4 to $7.  Sometimes it is best to buy new, using good judgment with style and money.


I’m going to start my own shoe line called “jodys”.  jodys… with a lowercase “j”, are mismatched shoes that are gently worn, hand me downs or traded.  Inspired by my mismatched shoe experiment, this is a green and easy way to go.  If you can only find one shoe, no problem, just go get another one out of the closet.  Can’t decided what shoes to wear?  Wear one of each.  jodys can be altered in any way to fit your style and personality.  No money is going to to charities on these, but it’s not going to the major retailers either.  Most importantly, it’s a green shoe plan, saving good shoes that might end up in a landfill.

Fascinating shoes.

Just found some interesting shoe pics online and thought I would share…


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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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