I can’t cook without a rhino [day 128]

I ran out of propane for my grill, however I did have a back up tank.  I do the Blue Rhino program since it’s easy to get the tanks at any local store.

I use my grill pretty frequently, as it’s pretty much the only cooking skill I have, thanks to my good friend Amy.  I started my grill the other night to make dinner and the gas pressure was extremely low.  I took a long time to cook my food.  The next night, same thing.  My friend Steve was over to cook and with 2 of the 6 burners going, it was struggling.

Now most of you know by now that my most awesome grill is my best thrift store deal.  If the gas regulator wasn’t working, it wouldn’t be  huge surprise if I needed to replace it.  Steve came over, took off the regulator and was going to replace it while I was at work.  His thought?  He likes to cook on my grill, he knows my shopping status and the grill not working was messing with his food situation.  Nice.  🙂  I’ve ordered parts for my specialty grill online because nobody locally carries my brand.  He went several places and ended up at Barbecues Galore.  They told him the Blue Rhino program has had many bad tanks come through there and to try a new tank before replacing any parts.  I had just had a bad tank, so I thought it might be the grill too.

We got the new tank, which looked a lot older and worn than the new one we brought back.  After everything was hooked up, the grill now works perfectly.  It’s a hassle to go switch out a tank if it’s bad, but it’s no hassle at the store if you get a bad tank.  All in all, I like the program.  Tank rentals are good.  🙂

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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