I bought a bunch of stuff [day 127]

I went to the thrift store a couple of days ago.  I really didn’t need anything but winter coats for my boys, but I was also kind of looking for a chair for my kids loft room.  I bought the following:

  • Winter coat for my son (he outgrew the old one)
  • Winter coat for me (with pockets, as my last one had none)
  • Sleeping bag (we all need one for mission trips, the boys outgrew theirs)
  • 2 folding chairs (for my front porch because my neighbors and I sit outside while the kids play)
  • Electric guitar and amp (birthday gift for Joe)
  • Cloth napkins (I don’t use paper towels much around here)
  • Throw pillow (for the kids loft room)

I spent about $85 for all of this.  If I had paid retail, it would have been around $400. Since it was purchased from a thrift store, the money goes to people that need it.  Why did I buy all this stuff?  Some of it we needed, most of it was stuff we wanted, but all of it was purchased in a timely manner.  What do I mean?  If we need something right away, we have to buy it new, and in most cases, pay a premium for it.  I was in no hurry to buy this stuff.  I knew we needed sleeping bags for our next Casa Hogar Elim trip, but I knew I would find a few if I kept looking at thrift stores.  We have one and need at least one more.  I’ll borrow one if I need to.  The winter coats?  I’ve been looking for those for a month now.

I’m not in a hurry to buy stuff.  These are things I’ve had in my head and been looking for, only to purchase when the right opportunity comes along.  Okay, so the throw pillow was not a planned thing, but I need a few for this weird sofa I have upstairs.  Throw pillows could be another whole blog entry…  😉

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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