bad design [day 126]

Yes, I’m a fan of apple products.  In the graphics world, their products are far superior and much more dependable than PC’s.  With one exception.  Power cords.  My G4 Powerbook went to my kids after almost 5 years.  It still works great, and it was my main computer until a few months ago.  It has to be plugged in because the battery is almost dead and we can’t buy a new one right now.  Not that I want to anyway with a $129 price tag on it.

My kids use this computer for homework, school projects, and sometimes games.  That is, until last night when power cord #3 caught on fire.  Cord #1 just quit working when it wasn’t in the perfect position.  #2 caught on fire after shooting sparks everywhere.  With all of the well planned, wonderfully designed products they have, how did a new power cord design not ever cross their minds?  The replacement cords cost $89, if I remember correctly.  The new MacBook cords are similar in design, but made from much stronger materials.  Will it last?  I have no idea.

Laptops are supposed to be portable, but if the cords are that fragile, it really defeats the purpose.  With the shopping challenge, I can’t walk into the Apple store and buy one.  And I would not do that without being extremely aggravated about dumping another large chunk of money on something that I shouldn’t have to.  $90 could feed a lot of hungry people or help clothe some kids in need.  So what am I to do?

I went on eBay.  I couldn’t find a used power cord, and if I did, it probably would have had the same issue.  I did find a knock-off for $12.80, including shipping.  I bought it, with a long thought process before clicking the “buy” button.  My kids need to use the computer and I can’t have them using my work computer.  Yes, it was a new item, but there was no used alternative.  I didn’t buy it from a major retailer.  I saved a lot of money buying an off brand.  This knock-off was not like a copy cat thing like they do with handbags and clothing.

Did I do the right thing here?

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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2 Responses to bad design [day 126]

  1. Amy Tuggey says:

    I think you should email Steve Jobs – I hear he likes to hear directly from his millions of customers 😉

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