toiletries or TOILET trees? [day 117]

Yesterday, I was explaining my no shopping challenge to some friends.  Apparently this was the first time my oldest son has heard the details of this.  The only retail items I can purchase are groceries and toiletries.  He asked, “Why would you buy toilet trees?  They don’t even exist.  Even if they did, why would you want one?”

the toilet tree...

The conversation ended with my other son saying something about my aunts sisters.  (ancestors)

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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4 Responses to toiletries or TOILET trees? [day 117]

  1. tuggeyinfrisco says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! I love your kids!

  2. Lin says:

    Hey, don’t be knockin’ the toilet garden. I have several toilet trees, and veggies, and flowers…”potty peppers” –

  3. TWStyle says:

    Ha I love funny kid quotes, have a look at think link

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