I have that color [day 116]

This weekend I would have shopped if I could.  I had a little time to work on some projects in my house.  I needed a gallon of paint to finish a few walls and a ceiling that needed to be touched up and painted.  I had to make due with the paint I had.  Let me just say I have a lot of paint!  Probably over 100 gallon cans that are partially full.  I only had a half gallon of the color I needed.  I made it work.

Looking in a new decor book I picked up at the library, I found a painted wall that I can do with the colors I have.  I’m painting a wall in my loft like this.  No shopping, using what I have available.

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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4 Responses to I have that color [day 116]

  1. walters83 says:

    What a great idea! Post a pick of the finished wall.

  2. walters83 says:

    Looking forward to seeing them!

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