backfired! [day 112]

Forward… FIRE!

I efforts to save money, not be wasteful and make sure my kids are full after a meal, I told them no more kids meals.  Yes, they’re cheaper, but I have to buy extra food because the fast food kids meals just aren’t enough to fill them up.  As for the little plastic toys that always end up going to a thrift store?  They don’t need it.  On occasion, I made them realize that and they gave the toys back to the restaurant.


Well, I wasn’t very specific when explaining this to my kids that it means fast food, not restaurants.  We went to eat at Posados and my son wanted to order ribs, which by no chance is the most expensive thing on the menu.  I asked him to look at the kids menu and he clearly reminded me of my new rule, telling me that he must order from the adult menu.  They had a half order of ribs, so I allowed him to have ribs.  At least there’s no plastic waste associated with it.

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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2 Responses to backfired! [day 112]

  1. Diane says:

    Yummmm Ribs 🙂 Way to go kids on the ordering of the non toy meals!!! I totally blame the goody bag toys and the happy meal toys on kids always thinking they should be getting something.

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