clean up in aisle 27 [day 111]

I didn’t really have any shopping challenges yesterday.  I think this might qualify for my most boring update.  🙂

I did have to shop at the grocery store yesterday.  It’s retail shopping no matter how you look at it.  The nice decor, the well lit aisles and the creative merchandising all equals retail store.  I just needed to buy food for about 12 people, snack stuff, but with healthy options.

Reality check: Healthy food is WAY more expensive than junk food.

And in most cases, the junk food is available in several individual ‘snack size’ servings, meaning they can hide the nutritional nothingness easily and use a lot of packaging material.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a health food freak or anything, but I do like some moderation, and without breaking the bank.

I’m not sure I have a point here other than grocery shopping is retail shopping.  It’s acceptable in my challenge, but I would still like to find some alternate ways of doing portions of it and a few more money saving ways as well.  Thought you might enjoy a few shopping cartoons:

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3 Responses to clean up in aisle 27 [day 111]

  1. Amy Tuggey says:

    I disagree – healthy food is cheaper than the “quicker”, “easier” snack food that is riddled with such things as trans fats and carbs, and trash from the containers, BUT, you have to be able and willing to prepare the healthy food.

    There are exceptions…grapes are exorbitantly priced these days, but good healthy food….WAY cheaper than crap….you just have to be willing to deal with no preservatives and prep.

    😀 All in love!

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    • embracechaos says:

      You have a point. I guess some is cheaper, and some is not. But you’re right on about the prep work.

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