just pick it up [day 108]

I love to ride in Elizabeth’s car, as it’s nice and clutter free, unlike mine that my kids help keep in a state of ‘trashed’.  She picked me up to go somewhere and she had a bunch of plastic water bottles on the floor.  Of course, I had to ask.  Elizabeth had picked these up in a parking lot so she could place them in an appropriate recycling bin.  As she was doing that, a guy in an idling Lexus was watching her.

Do you pick up random trash and/or recycling?  I do, not all of the time, but most of it.  Yesterday, we got pizza for the day laborers downtown.  We had many pizza boxes to throw in the recycling bin, but where is one?  There are trash cans as far as the eye can see, surely there’s a recycling bin somewhere?  Well, we did find a couple of them after looking around.  I do go out of my way to find recycling bins, and I totally would have kept those in the car and brought them home to place in my recycling bin.

From yesterday…

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