is saffron a drug? [day 99]

Grocery shopping is retail shopping, and even though it’s allowed in my challenge, I still feel like I’m shopping.  I suppose the challenge here is to find new ways to grocery shop.

I decided to actually use one of my cookbooks and some cooking magazines that my awesome neighbor Diane passed on to me.  Recipe?  Paella.  I’ve eaten a lot of it but never tried to make it.

I tried to get the ingredients at Sprouts.  I was disappointed there for the last time.  The store is small, which I like, as I only buy a few things there, mostly from the meat and fish counter.  This was my third time to be ignored by workers that actually made eye contact with me and kept working on whatever they were doing.  No “I’ll be with you in a minute” or stopping to help.  A few other people walked off as well.  I decided to go to Market Street.  I like Market Street, but this is the ultimate in retail shopping for groceries, maybe like the Neiman Marcus for food.  Honestly, it felt a little weird shopping there.  The service was good, actually better than good, as I had to ask questions and I was stunned that they knew where everything was and could even make recommendations.  The employees seemed happy to be working there.  They have my support when I need a specialty grocery store.

The other thing I learned is that buy saffron is what I would assume it would be like to buy drugs.  The first one I picked up was about a teaspoon of saffron in an oversized jar for $16.99.  Ouch!  I did find a cheaper one or the recipe would have been without.

All that to just say that I would like to support stores where the employees are happy and helpful.  That’s supporting good businesses if I have to shop at a retail place.  The shopping challenge is about making small changes and good choices to help economically and to be a better steward of our resources.  🙂

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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1 Response to is saffron a drug? [day 99]

  1. amy says:

    I bought saffron yesterday too 6.95 at the Matiri Mart onCoit…Indian food store…we should compare!

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