jody & jodie [day 86]

On our way to the campsite in Oklahoma, we passed this little store…

I had to stop.  Her name is Jodie?  I have the boy spelling of the name, so I figured this had to be a woman.  Uncommon shoppe?  Yes, this is too ironic not to stop in and see what’s it about, and meet Jodie.

Jodie, who is a very cute older lady, along with her husband Joe, both work there.  Outside, there were decorative rocks, tables full of them.  Inside, the place was filled with antique glassware, kitchen decor, and house decor pieces with trinkets and small toys sprinkled in.  Oh, and it smelled heavily of moth balls.

I didn’t need anything there, nor have a desire to buy anything, but it was nice to stop in and meet another uncommon Jodie.  I love small towns, as the people are always very interesting… or maybe we’re all interesting, but living in a small town highlights people in ways a big city or suburb can’t?

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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