I’m back… with another green bag [day 81]

So I’ve been trying to decide if I should do blog posts for all the days I was gone or do them all together.  I’m actually on day 85 now.  I think I will do the individual days, as I’ve had many experiences with the no shopping thing that are not blogged yet.  🙂

Before going camping, I decided to take my kids to Whataburger for lunch.  I decided to try something new.  I brought a green (pink) bag inside with me and asked the guy to put all of the food directly in the bag to avoid all the paper and plastic waste.  He looked at me like I was crazy, but in his defense, it was lunch and they were extremely busy.  I’m sure an out of routine request just complicates things, so for that I apologize to the guy helping us.

I didn’t get too specific on the use of the bag, I guess, as this is what I got.

Maybe next time I should bring four reusable bags?

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4 Responses to I’m back… with another green bag [day 81]

  1. Ann says:

    When I shop with my son in tow the checkout process is a freaking zoo. The last time I went I was just happy to get out of the store without losing my temper and had a child that still had all ten fingers after touching EVERYTHING on the conveyor belt. Oy. When I got home I found all of my pantry items in my hot/cold bag and my cold things in the green bags – some of which were in plastic bags and THEN put into the green bags?


    Totally defeated the purpose. Oh well. I’m trying!!!!

  2. Deb McFarland says:

    You wanted all of the food dumped in the bag without being wrapped in paper or put in a box? Ok…I need to wrap my head around that one…hahahaha!

  3. TRISI says:

    That’s classic, he did what you asked. lol In most cases anything remotely off script causes confusion for the fast food cashier.

    “Ok sir, that’s four dollars and fifty seven cents”. You give them a five and three pennies and they stare at the change with confusion.


    “Hi, I would like double bacon burger, no cheese, fries and a medium drink please, to go”.

    Now the fun comes…

    You still get, “Would you like cheese on that?”, “any fries today”, “Anything to drink with that?” and “Is that for here or to go?”. lol

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