no hay bolsas para la leche [day 75 & 76]

I shopped at the Soriana while in Mexico, only for food and toiletries.  It’s similar to a Kmart here in the states.  They have the best bakery there, aisles and aisles of breads and pastries as far as the eye can see.  I had fun messing with my kids since all of the prices are in pesos, not dollars.  They thought everything was super expensive until I taught them the conversion.  I’m not sure they understand it completely, as it does add a new dimension to grocery shopping.  Math, yuck.

I didn’t see reusable shopping bags anywhere, so I felt a little weird bringing mine in.  If they don’t have them and have never seen them, they might think I took them or something.  With the whole language barrier, I decided not to chance it.

As we were checking out, I asked Tere how to say no bags for the milk.  We were buying eight gallons and that’s a lot of unneeded plastic.  It did make me wonder about recycling in Mexico.  Do they have it?  I’ve not seen any recycling bins anywhere down there.  More research for me to do.  🙂

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3 Responses to no hay bolsas para la leche [day 75 & 76]

  1. Jorge says:

    Hi! what a nice blog!
    i laughed about the prices and stuff xD lol

    well, we are trying to recycle down here. There are some kind of trash trucks and they ask for paper,plastic, etc etc.
    Some of the people from Nuevo Laredo (like my family) classify the trash and wait for the recycling truck. Those kind of trucks have a green simbol 🙂

    thank you for sharing this and try to recycle in our city 🙂
    God bless you

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