light bulb! [day 65]

We went to see Despicable Me the other night and loved it.  My kids and I try to get one good line from every movie, and then we pretty much wear it out.  Our line from this movie is “light bulb”.  When Gru has an idea, he tilts his head, and with a somewhat devious look, says, “light bulb” with his funny accent.  So we say it a lot around our house, along with “…give me my angry wig!” and about 20 lines from Spongebob Squarepants.

Yesterday, while cleaning my house, I looked at the light fixture in my laundry closet (it’s clearly not big enough to be considered a room).  It was very dim, partially from needing to be cleaned, but I was pretty sure it was a two bulb fixture with a burned out bulb.  Just a little history on my lovely house of 3+ years, it’s had all kinds of electrical problems.  My garage door opener will still fry any type of light bulb in less than 24 hours, my GFI trips at least every two weeks, my heater trips the breaker about twice a week in the winter and I have about 10 plug outlets that won’t hold plugs.  I wanted a fixer-upper and I guess I got what I wanted.  After removing the glass bug holder off the fixture, I discovered a missing bulb.  There was one energy saving bulb on the other side, so I went to find another bulb so I can better see my laundry mountains.

This is where I realized I have no extra bulbs and many of the bulbs in my house have not been switched over to the energy saving type.  Now here’s a time where I would just go out and buy what I need.  How do I get used bulbs?  I’m sure they must have some at the resale shop.  Maybe I can trade something I have for some light bulbs.  I pulled an energy saving bulb out of a lamp that I don’t use very often.  I got the ladder, started screwing in the bulb and had instant fireworks! Yes, one more electrical issue to add to the list, no to mention a fire hazard.  The wires are all burned on that side of the fixture, so now I need to replace the whole thing.  Thrift store, here I come!

I need a “light bulb” for light bulbs.  Are they a need?  How do I buy them used?  I will keep you posted on my light project.  If you have ideas, please post them.  🙂

I thought you guys might like to see some of my non-electricty light bulb art:

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2 Responses to light bulb! [day 65]

  1. Jeff Woodson says:

    Check with your electric company to see if they have a free CFL program.

    I know ours will provide free CFL’s if you do an energy audit (which is also free).

  2. lin says:

    I have seen light bulbs on freecycle. Also fairly common at the Habitat Restore, more rarely goodwill.

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