craigslist greatness: 2 left shoes [day 57]

I found this listing under ‘free stuff’ on  It made me smile.  This is a great example of being mindful about our resources.

Reply to: sale-qathe**********

for some reason i own 2 blue fuzzy lined little boys crocs size 9. seemed reasonable until i noticed that they are both for the left foot. since our kids seem to have one right and one left foot these will not do us a whole lot of good. perhaps you have the matching right shoe, or you just really like fuzzy crocs, or you need them for anything…..?

also for free, a bag of plastic easter eggs. half have never been used. half had cereal in them for easter (kids dont eat candy) but are now empty and generally clean.

having a Hawaiian themed wedding and still need a Vail? boy are you in luck!

Now honestly, what would you have done with the 2 left shoes?  I would not have thrown them away, I would have given them to the thrift store.  When the thrift store found they were unmatched with ‘right’ shoes, more than likely, they would have pitched them in the trash.  Kudos to the lady that listed these! and are both great places to list stuff you don’t want or need anymore, and the people that do want it will come pick it up right from your house.  If you’re not comfortable with that, you could meet them somewhere public and complete your transaction.

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3 Responses to craigslist greatness: 2 left shoes [day 57]

  1. Amy Tuggey says:

    Why are the crocs fuzzy? and it is spelled “veil” not “vale” – sorry – couldn’t resist. One of my pet peeves, have you ever seen the print ads for weight loss when they spell “lose” “loose”? Just makes me wonder….

    Off topic today… ;/


    • Sherri says:

      They have the regular rubber crocs and then they have the rubber crocs lined with fleece for you to wear in the winter. I actually have a pair that Blake and the kids bought me a few years ago. I wear them around the house in the winter and to the cold soccer/lacrosse games. They keep your toes nice and warm.

  2. Nancy says:

    Another option: some people only have left feet for a variety of reasons. If you could match a one-footed person with the right size foot that actually wants a fuzzy, blue croc….now we’re getting somewhere.

    If nothing else, they’d make great fodder for this artist/blogger I know. Oh, wait….

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