thrift store vs. retail [day 54]

I decided to go to the thrift store yesterday.  I was hoping to find some shoes and shorts for the boys.  I made them look for shorts individually, which did not go well until I forced them t do it together.  They found 3 pairs and I found a fourth so now I won’t have to hear, “MOM!  There’s no clean shorts.  I have nothing to wear.”  At some point I usually threaten them, if they’re not dressed, they’re going ‘as is’.  So far they’ve had clothes on every time.

In the evening we decided to go see the movie Despicable Me.  Cute movie by the way.  On the way out, Barnes and Noble was still open and my kids were begging to go in.  They’re allowed to spend their own money at retail stores if they want to, but I won’t.  I usually try to talk them out of it.  Cole found a book that he really wants, however he had no money.  I do owe him 2 weeks allowance and I told him that, also telling him that we could come back tomorrow and get the book if he still wants it.  He tried to pull that ‘it won’t be here tomorrow’ line, and the ‘I need it now and I’ll pay you back’ line.  Clearly the books were not flying off the shelves and it will be there tomorrow.   I will give him his allowance today.

To be continued….

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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