the challenge: day 45 & 46 [how’s it really going?]

So 45 days into this, and how’s it really going?  I think it’s going well.  Here’s a few situations and challenges I’ve run across over the past couple of weeks.

Superstores… 😦

Even though I can buy groceries and toiletries in retail places, I’ve tried to avoid the superstores.  I grocery shop at Kroger, which is a chain, but there aren’t any grocery stores that are not chains.  I did recently go into Target for a few groceries and Walmart for a few toiletries.  This was not my first choice, but the person I was with chose those stores.  Again, I can go in, but I can only buy groceries or toiletries.  In both stores, I got what I needed and left.  I had no desire to look around or shop at either place.  The trip there did make me think though.  I need to find some non-chain retail places to buy groceries and toiletries.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Oooo, I want to buy a… nevermind.

There have been a few times where I have wanted to buy something.  Once it pops into my head, I quickly dismiss it, knowing I can’t, well, have chosen not to.  I want welding equipment really bad, some miscellaneous art supplies and a leaf blower.  I don’t need them and I’ll live without them.  I have to say, I have the welding equipment in the back of my mind though and have thought that might be a purchase I could make once my year is up.  It feels very wrong to be thinking that way, but if I wait, I sure won’t be anything close to an impulse buy, right?


I seem to appreciate the things I do have much more now.  I’m not quite sure how this happened or when, but I just feel more content.  I’m so blessed to have shelter, food and all of the things my kids and I need.  If we do want something new, we usually just forget about it and play with our old stuff.  I like this.

Services vs. stuff

I had someone tell me, “…so you’ll pay for services (referring to my lawn guy) but you won’t buy anything.”  Yes, that is true.  With a service, I’m not collecting more stuff and by using services, I’m helping keep people employed.  It’s like when my kids want something, I’d rather take them to a movie and spend the money there.  We’re doing something together and not accumulating more stuff.  I could take that money and buy them toys that will sit in the bottom of a toy bin after a week or spend it doing something as a family.

Overall, I’m glad I chose to this challenge.  🙂

About jody wissing

I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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4 Responses to the challenge: day 45 & 46 [how’s it really going?]

  1. Deborah McFarland says:

    Hey Jody…as far as the non-chain grocery stores, have you considered the Chinese or Japanese grocery stores? I think there is a Mexican grocery store on Main street in Frisco, but not sure exactly where.
    Just some ideas…

  2. Lin says:

    So -can you buy used / thrift? I’d wager you could find used welding equipment, some miscellaneous art supplies and a leaf blower on craigslist, the habitat for humanity re-store in mckinney, or even freecycle…

  3. Jennifer says:

    I think what you’re doing is wonderful and I totally agree with the stuff vs services. The chain grocery thing is tough. When I lived in Austin, I was part of the Wheatsville Co-op. (Not saying I never went to Whole Foods, Central Market or HEB, but I did go to Wheatsville too and I think it’s a very cool idea). It’s basically a natural foods grocery with some limited toiletries, cards and gifts and other things and a small deli/prepared foods area in back). I don’t think we have anything similar here. Maybe someone should start one… 🙂

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