the challenge: day 40 [field trip: grover’s abacus]

Today is my field trip with Dave!  We’re going to the local hardware store, also known as Grover’s.  Okay, so I’m a little odd, but this place looked so awesome when we drove by.

Now I know I’m not shopping for a very long time, but it’s okay to look.  Dave needed a few small items to do some work around the cottage.

First, he took me to a store named Abacus, a place I’ve heard Elizabeth talk about many times.  This is an art store, a high end art gallery, with some really awesome and unique pieces for sale.  Now I would be lying if I said it never crossed my mind to buy something, however I knew I wouldn’t, even without the challenge.  The blown glass bowl I really liked was almost $400.  That’s nowhere even close to any budget money I have to spend on miscellaneous stuff, nor would I be able to live with myself if I did make the purchase.

I didn’t take photos in this store because they don’t allow it, and I respect the artist’s creations and rights to their designs.  (I did get one of the front display window, although I don’t think it represents the contents of the store very well)  But what Idid I do?  I got inspired and got some ideas for art projects.  No, I’m not going to copy their stuff, but I did get some ideas on a ‘trash’ project I’m pondering.

Onto Grover’s…

First of all, Dave is a regular here , and we have backdoor privileges.  This is the most organized, well thought out hardware store I’ve ever seen.  If Home Depot was like this, they would need cots for guys to sleep over.

Every aisle was color-coded, extremely organized and easy to find anything you’re looking for.  They had an entire aisle of just sandpaper, and don’t get me started on the giant spinning rack of nails and screws.  If there’s a hardware store in heaven, it will be like Grover’s.  The guy working there thought I worked for one of the manufacturers since I was taking a lot of photos.  Once e realized I was just a weird tourist with a camera, he said to take as many photos as I like.

Here’s the sign I saw on the way out of the store…

Although I’m not sure that’s quite accurate, a version of that is probably good.  How about this.

“If you didn’t come in here needing it, you still don’t need it.”

Grover’s Abacus:  art & raw materials.  This is one abacus where not buying anything adds up to a higher level of creativity.

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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