the challenge: day 25 [what are you for?]

We decided to take a trip down to Waco and go to Church Under the Bridge.  (  I so wish it was closer… or I was closer.  A two hour drive to church is a long drive, but for this place, well worth it.  I was excited to bring my kids this time.  I have to admit something though.  I bought a t-shirt at CUTB.  Wait, actually I bought two, one for me and one for Steve.  Yes, they’re new shirts, and we don’t need more clothing, but after some careful consideration, I decided to buy them.  Maybe I’m justifying this purchase, but here’s my reasoning:

  • It’s new, but the money is going to the church, who in turn, helps the homeless.
  • It did not come from a major retailer.
  • When we wear them, it’s a conversation starter since it says ‘TROLL’ on the front.  (not that I need a reason to yap about this place, because I’m all about it)
  • T-shirts are the modern day propaganda.  Instead of a t-shirt advertising expensive clothing stores or a cool graphic, how about a t-shirt that has a message communicating what I’m passionate about?

Church Under the Bridge is great and I’m proud to be a troll!  Also, I came home and cleaned out my closet.  I got rid of all my t-shirts that advertise large clothing retailers and  I have a huge bag of clothing to bring to the thrift store.  Did you know that most thrift stores have voucher programs for people in need and some of the donations go right to people that need it?

You can see the rest of my photos from CUTB on

On the way home, there was a place I’ve always wanted to stop.  I’ve passed by it no less than 25 times, and each time they have interesting stuff outside.  We decided to make a quick stop there before lunch.  I’m not sharing the name of the place, you’ll understand why in a moment.

I always carry my camera, especially to a place that has fun stuff.  I snapped a few pics outside, then we went in.  It was a second hand clothing store, specializing in retro clothing.  REAL retro clothing.  I liked a lot of their stuff, but so did they.  A simple pair of pants started at $30.  A t-shirt that you would find at a thrift store for $1 cost $19 at this place.  Now don’t get me wrong, this is clearly a specialty store, and a trendy shopping experience.  I think they might even make some of the clothing there, which I think it’s great to support local mom and pop businesses.  I walked around and snapped a couple more pics.

The man working there was talking to Steve as I was looking around and trying to keep Joe away from stuff.  I saw a painting I liked and snapped a photo.  A lady came out, quite angry, and made it very clear that I was not supposed to take photos.  I respect that and I stopped.  I really liked the painting and asked how much it cost.  Irritated, she replied, “That’s not for sale.  The clothing is for sale, that’s all.  My kid painted that, just look at the clothes.”  Then Cole came in from outside and she yelled at him to go stay with his mother and do not roam around the store.  Yes, it was time to go.

The man followed us out, still talking to Steve, and told me if he had seen my camera, that he would have said something.  He didn’t want any photos, he doesn’t want the place publicized and exploited.  Interesting, as most people call that marketing, and see it as a good thing.  Now you know why I’m not sharing the name.  I respect his wish to remain unexploited and anonymous.  (yes, I took the photo before they told me to quit and I blurred the mannequins face to protect her identity.)  We stood outside and listened to him rant and rave about war, church, the war church up the street, our screwed up society, teen pregnancy in his town being the highest in Texas and SAT scores being the lowest.  As he went on and on, I was wondering if there’s anything this guy likes?  I now know everything he’s against, although I think if we had stayed for another hour, he probably would have lectured us with his seemingly endless oppositions to the world as he sees it.  I made the mistake of telling him we live in Frisco.  He had a field day with that, as all of the non-tax paying rich people live here and we single-handedly started the Tea Party.

This got me thinking.  I tend to rant and rave when I’m passionate about an injustice or something I see as wrong.  I usually don’t take the time to think before I talk, even though I know I should, and usually regret it later.  Not regrets of saying something, but regrets of saying it well.  When people think of me, I wonder if they think of me for what I stand for or what I stand against?  And if I stand for something, am I taking enough action to help the situation, or am I just griping like the guy at the store?  I want to stand for good things and take action to support those things.  What are you for?

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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6 Responses to the challenge: day 25 [what are you for?]

  1. sarahhanna says:

    I know this doesn’t answer the question but i really like your idea of “a t-shirt that has a message communicating what I’m passionate about”.

    Also, when I think of you I think of someone who enjoys life to the fullest and isn’t bogged down with the silly things so many people mistakenly care about! 🙂

    • embracechaos says:

      Thanks!!! Could be a whole new line of clothing, right? Are you familiar with Adbusters magazine? They have blackspot shoes. No brand. 🙂

  2. Amy Tuggey says:

    I have to say…that asking what other people are “for” is not addressing your issue. Do you rant? Yes, but you have always given the subject consideration and are at least open to discussion. This guy sounded, unfortunately, like a lot of people out there who don’t consider anything beyond the end of their noses….it is only about how things affect them…and no one else.

    Given, I am going simply on what you have posted about the guy, so I may be wrong.

    I am open to discussion ;P

    • embracechaos says:

      Thanks! I do try to be open, but sometimes I react, then process. Getting better. 🙂 At least nobody has compared me to the annoying orange. LOL!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Okay, I know the place you visited. I have never gone in myself, but have heard much about it and know the name, but will keep quiet. I am a little appalled (can a person be a ‘little’ appalled?)at how rude the woman was. I have heard all kinds of stories about the man, so no surprise there. I don’t think I will visit the establishment.

    In any case, I do not hear you rant often, in fact, I hear you speak passionately and carefully, as Amy mentioned. I am also usually hearing something from you that inspires thought and action on issues that need to be examined. Moreover, I have way too many friends who are opinionated and vocal, but lack the capability to allow opposing viewpoints to shape their thinking and are too stubborn to consider other viewpoints as having any validity. I have found that you are open minded and nonjudgemental and also self aware. You are not in any way like the griper at the store.

    PS I am also with you on the Troll shirt for all the reasons you cited. Go Jody!

    One more thing… Can anyone tell me how to change the weird icon attached to my name/comments? I don’t like him!

    • embracechaos says:

      Thanks! I think a little appalled is perfectly fine. As for the icon, you can upload a personal pic from the wordpress global dashboard. 🙂 Yeah, that little guy in no way represents you. So much for random…

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