the challenge: day 17 [car wash]

I just couldn’t take it anymore.  My car was so messy and dirty!  Time to take it to the car wash.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking… “…isn’t that a retail place?”  I suppose it could be considered that, but hear me out, then you decide.  It’s retail, but I was not buying ‘stuff’, I was buying a service.

As I was driving to Qwik Wash in Frisco, I realized I was passing about four other car washes to get to there.  I’ve been taking my car to Qwik Wash for about 6 years now?  I had to stop and think about why I keep going back there.

Two reasons immediately came to mind.  Reasonably priced and great service.  In a society where companies are always cutting down on the labor force to save money, this place has plenty of employees.  Not only do they have enough to provide good service, but they seem happy to be there.  I did a little homework on the company.  They’re a small, local business.  I feel good supporting them as a place that provides many jobs in our community.   They have two locations, so it’s small, but they have big hearts for helping the community.  They support local fundraising and I also found out they have been a drop point for food drives.

When I pulled up to get my ‘regular’ wash package, they asked if I wanted to upgrade.  I said no (mostly because I’m too cheap to pay for that), however after ringing me up, because I have been a loyal wash and oil change customer, I got a free upgrade.  They take good care of their loyal customers.

All of the reasons I have mentioned to this point are enough to keep me going there, and anyone that knows me, also knows I will be their best advertising.   One more thing though.  As I was looking around, my car was clearly the oldest one coming through the wash process.  After all, this is Frisco, Texas, land of the American Dream X2.  (in future blogs, we’ll call this ADX2)  It amazes me how they can clean up my 14 year old vehicle to where it looks much newer than it is.  I’m also one of the few people that embrace door dings, as it adds character to my car.  (I actually met a friend through a door ding!)  I’m quite sure my vehicle is more work due to its age… well, and the ages of my kids who trash the back of it.  They clean my car just as well, if not better than, the brand new Mercedes next to me.

It made me happy to know that my old car represents what I believe in.  I don’t have a car payment, so no debt.  I’m content with what I have.  I was having a conversation with some people at work a few weeks ago about winning the lottery.  What would we do with the money?  I’m not sure how it came up, but I said I would not buy a new car.  I got some completely crazy looks, but it’s true.  I’m happy with what I have and I could wash it myself, but I feel like I’m supporting a business that is good… AND I’m not buying more stuff.  I do most things myself, but this is something I treat myself to about once every three months.

What did you decide?  Is this okay or should I be washing my car myself?

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I'm a person just trying to matter in a crazy world.
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2 Responses to the challenge: day 17 [car wash]

  1. Deborah McFarland says:

    I found a carwash ministry that was raising money for Operation Compassion…so they washed my car and I gave them a donation. You could consider doing that??? But I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Qwik Wash.

  2. Roxanne says:

    Where we live there are a lot of fund-raiser car washes during the warm parts of the school year. In the winter, however, we definitely go to the car wash because they have a way to wash the salt off of the bottom of the car, thereby making it (I hope!) last longer.

    We wash it ourselves at times, but only during the summer.

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