the challenge: day 14 [free recycling]

I haven’t had any shopping challenges over the past few days, but I did figure out how to do some recycling at the church… for free.  Churches are considered a business and fall under the commercial recycling programs.  At my best estimation, for the container size we would need with pick-up once a month, we are looking at $300 a month.  No wonder many places don’t do it.  $3,600 a year could feed a lot of hungry people!

Our residential rate is $11 a month, for both trash and recycling.  One of each container and one pick up per week.  So what’s the plan?  We bought 5 recycle containers to place near the copy machines and places where we are throwing away a lot of paper.  We will collect the paper into some plastic bins in the back of the church and take turns bringing the paper to our home recycling bins.  Hopefully at some point we could expand this to plastic bottles and other recycling.

If you want to help with Preston Trail’s recycling or have ideas to better our plan, leave a comment.  🙂

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3 Responses to the challenge: day 14 [free recycling]

  1. Ann says:

    I’m totally in.

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  3. Tracy says:

    At my sons’ school, the 6th graders take on recycling responsibilities. Each 6th grade student has an Ikea big blue bag that they use to transport recyclables home to their family’s bin from different areas at school once a week. I think you have a great idea for PTCC and wanted to let you know that the ikea bags work great to transport the recyclables! I do not think it’s “unethical” bc homeowners are doing the legwork, it’s no added transportation for the city.

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