the challenge: day 2

I had to work this morning and this afternoon, and tonight, we are driving to Mexico.  I’m typing my update in the car.  And no, I don’t have one of those fancy wireless internet things, I’m just typing on the computer.  I can upload later.  I can’t wait to get to Casa Hogar Elim in the morning!  I bought a jump rope and some sidewalk chalk before I started the challenge.  Next time I will have to be more creative on what to bring.  I did buy a bunch of flashlights to do the light painting with the kids.  I even taped color gels on them and color-coded them with duct tape.  I can’t buy batteries though, can I?  Hmmm, didn’t think about that.  They came with a set, but they won’t last a year.  Batteries do not qualify for food or toiletries.  When I can make purchases, I suppose looking into the rechargeable batteries makes the most sense.  The initial cost would be more, but less waste and I would probably save money in the long run.

I had an interesting exchange with my boss today.  He bought a gift for this little boy he’s been mentoring and asked if I would help him wrap it.  I know what you’re thinking and yes, I did.  I jumped right up on my soap box!  Wrapping paper?  Gift bags?  He obviously does not read my blog or my Facebook page.  Have we met?

Status update: Giving a gift?  Instead of wrapping paper, why not use a green bag?  It’s $1 and can be reused over and over again.  The average gift wrap/bag cost about $3.  If you give 20 gifts a year, you will save $40 and save more of the planet.

There are many creative ways to give gifts without all of the paper waste associated with the process.  Feel free to post some comments with your “green gift giving” ideas.  I would be happy to pass them on to my blog readers and my boss.  🙂

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3 Responses to the challenge: day 2

  1. Amy Tuggey says:

    Thoughts on batteries. – you can post a “Wanted” item for rechargeable batteries and see if anyone is giving some away….

  2. Deborah McFarland says:

    Do your flashlights take D size batteries? I have eight that have been in a drawer for a while now and I have nothing that takes D size batteries. Not really sure why I bought them (maybe they were on sale..haha).
    I’m not big on recycling, should be but don’t do too much of it.
    So this is something I can do. I think your Challenge is really cool! Makes me think. Let me know if you can use the batteries.

    • embracechaos says:

      Yes! Please!!! many of the flashlights take D batteries and I want to bring this light painting fun to some of the kids in Arlington. THANKS!!!!

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